Roxanne no longer has time to do complicated eyebrow corrections, but these photographs show examples of the close-up of eyebrow strokes for you to examine.

  The eyebrows seen here were done elsewhere, and the before eyebrows were usually applied using a manual or electric pen. this resulted in an artifical, solid or "filled in" pattern which looks like a tattoo. They may have also been done too dark, or with an outline around the edge.


The after pictures show close-ups of Roxanne's "Natural Look" style, which creates an even, soft, feathered eyebrow.

A word of caution- eyebrows can change colors like pink, grey, greenish  or orangish tints due to inadvertent  damage from exfollients or harsh chemicals applied to the brows while using anti-aging skin products. Note- Remember that healed in, cosmetic tattoo pigment
is  under the skin and protected, it does not change color unless
you use a skin penetrating chemical. It is normal for color to fade lighter over the years, but a color change means only one thing!

You have used  alpha hydroxy, Retin-A, Salicylic Acid, etc. on the brow, and dissolved the top tone of the color- leaving only the residue of the undertone. This can occur within as little as  2-3 months, leaving the remaining color smeared as if it as a faded watercolor.

Note-  The all after pictures were taken on the day of treatment,
and will lighten and soften about  20% a few days later.

     Good Correction Results Take Time !

This Eyebrow was done with a manual pen (Softap) at a beauty salon. Done in a solid shape. it has faded to a pink tone. 
This first required a color  correction to the entire eyebrow,  , to change the color from pink to pale blonde. Then, a darker  taupe was added in strokes- to finish the transformation.
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Types of problems which Roxanne has corrected.
This Eyebrow was done someplace where they draw them on crooked! The eyebrow on your right is obviously higher than the left. They were done in a solid color, and too dark, using  an electric pen at a beauty salon.
This first required the brow to be lightened, and some color removed under the one brow. Then the left side brow was raised, and feathered in a lovely, SOFT sand brown color.
EYEBROWS 101: Lasting Effects Natural Look Eyebrows.
This is a set of 'Natural look' eyebrows applied by Roxanne.
Note they have a soft color, feathered strokes, and even shaping.
This is how the eyebrows should look! Very realistic and natural.
This is a set of finished, corrected eyebrows. The shape was originally done in a boxy style, with strong edges, and they had faded to grey. Because the patient did not want them any wider, we decided to leave the edges as they were. Instead  the brows were color corrected to a golden blonde, and then strokes were added throughout the body of the eyebrow to soften.
Corrections of Permanent Cosmetics by Roxanne...
Which Were Originally Applied Elsewhere
picture has a  watermark for copyright
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picture has a  watermark for copyright
2008 LEPC